About The Drum Point Club

The Drum Point Club, with its private clubhouse, fishing pier and expansive sandy beaches, is a place where you can enjoy the best Southern Maryland has to offer.

The Drum Point Club was formed in 1983 by a group of residents who wished to conserve a unique 25 acre property from development. 

We are a private, non-profit, social club organized exclusively for recreated, preservation of nature and open space, and educational and other non-profitable purposes.

History of The Drum Point Club

Drum Point was once part of a colonial land grant called Eltonhead Manor.  It passed down through many generations and many owners until it was finally sold to the Drum Point Corporation in 1948, which sought to develop the land into a resort community.  The lands were platted and lots were sold, but like many developments financial problems became an issue.  The Chesapeake Ranch Club (now the Chesapeake Ranch Estates) acquired the Drum Point community in 1969.  

Our property at the Point was used as a beach club with an in-ground “pool” fed by tidal water.  By 1983, financial problems plagued the new owner and residents of Drum Point began to feel uneasy about the future of the community.  There were rumors that the Point was to become an amusement park.  Concerned citizens began an effort to control their own destiny and formed the Drum Point Project Inc. (DPPI, our present corporation) to raise funds to purchase the infrastructure of the community from the Chesapeake Ranch Club.  Our corporation raised funds to purchase the roads, lakes, and unsold properties for about $334,000.  The Point was “thrown in as an afterthought” by the developer.  

In 1986, a new and separate corporation was formed to take over the roads of the Drum Point Community.  This was the Drum Point Road and Services Corp., with separate Articles of Incorporation and By Laws.  The DPPI revised its Articles of Incorporation and By Laws to operate as the Drum Point Club.  DPPI sold the roads, lakes, and several properties to the “road company” while total ownership (including all road rights of way) in Section 27, the Point, were retained by the DPPI to operate as a separate privately owned club.  Other lands retained by the DPPI are parcels on either side of the entrance to Drum Point at Barrada Boulevard.  

By 1993, the “road company” ran into financial difficulty and sold the roads, lakes and unsold lots of Drum Point to the present Drum Point Property Owners Assoc.  The Drum Point Club you see today is the original corporation (DPPI) that solicited funds from property owners for the land purchase in 1983.  The “charter members” of the Club are those original donors who helped to purchase the lands of Drum Point and like all other members feel a real financial stake in the Club.