Becoming a member

There are two types of Club Memberships available:

General Members (Drum Point Property Owners (Only)
 All Drum Point property owners interested in joining must buy a Voting Right unit, which can be purchased at $250/per unit, plus a $25 transfer fee from The Club or from owners wishing to sell a unit.  To remain a member, owners must pay an annual assessment, currently $275 per year.   A General member is entitled to vote on matters affecting the Club.

Associate Memberships (Non-Drum Point Property Owners ONLY)
 Associate Membership (AM) allows non-Drum Point property owns to join the Club. Such members pay the same annual assessment as general members, currently $275/year. AMs are entitled to the same use of the Club and grounds and can rent the meeting and party rooms at the general member-ship rates.  AMs,  however, are not entitled to vote on matters affecting the management of the organization.  
 Those interested in joining as an AM must be referred by a general Club member and their application reviewed and accepted by the Board of Directors.   

 **Please note that memberships are available only to individuals and families, not groups or organizations.



  • Clubhouse, meeting rooms, and use of facilities free or at reduced rental rates for special events.
  • Fishing and crabbing pier.
  • Fire pit.
  • Participate in social and community events held at the Club.
  • The best beaches in So. Calvert for exploring, swimming, kayaking,  canoeing, or relaxing.


Interested in joining or learning more?    You can contact us using this form or call us at (410) 326-0564

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